FIM_3D_Cover_341pxThis website provides information about “Angry Pigs Organized Against Gerbils: The Farmer Island War” and its sequel, “Farmer Island Magic.” Four grandchildren (the “Creative Staff”) developed the plot ideas and prepared the illustrations for both books. Farm animals are the central characters, but “Farmer Island Magic” introduces a farm family who arrives on the frontier.

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The farm family uncovers many mysteries about the farm and the animals. Why is the farm prosperous with no evidence of human hands? Why do the animals seem so intelligent, and why do they seem to want to be protectors of the people? A magical book is discovered that reveals the answers originate in the ancient past. The family and animals share many exciting, and sometimes dangerous, adventures. They are joined by powerful allies to confront a deadly threat.

APOAG_3D_Cover_339pxYou can find more information at the “Angry Pigs”  and “Farmer Island Magic” links on this website including how to order the books. The paperback is available for (list prices of) $8.99 for “Angry Pigs” and $9.95 for “Farmer Island Magic.” The Kindle e-book versions are both only $2.99. And you don’t need a Kindle Reader to enjoy the Kindle e-book versions. You can easily download and install a free Kindle reader app, save money, and begin enjoying Kindle ebooks immediately!

The “Articles” menu item accesses an important weblog on this site. There have already been ideas suggested by the Creative Staff about what might happen next. We welcome comments from readers on other adventures, dangers and exciting events that might be encountered by the human and animal inhabitants of Farmer Island.

We welcome comments from readers and will consider suggestions for inclusion in another sequel. We are hoping that a possible future sequel would include an attribution such as, “Creative Staff, Illustrators, and Loyal Readers.” Turn your creativity loose and send us a comment or email!

We welcome comments on the “Contact Us” link that will help us improve the content of this web site.

Farrel D. Hobbs
(and the Creative Staff and Illustrators)
December, 2014